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Site Design

Some of the best search engine optimisation results can be achieved by designing your website with Search Engines in mind (Whilst not forgetting that it needs to look good when it is found by potential customers). Good site design makes it easier for search engines to index your site, and increases your chances of a higher ranking in the results pages. The most vital things to remember about SEO when designing the website are; high quality content, links to and from other websites, and the use of relevant keywords in your content. These techniques will all help in giving your website a higher ranking in the search engine results pages.


It's important to decide what keywords or key phrases that you would expect customers to use to find your website, for example SEO in Bath. Once you have decided on these you need to ensure that they are used throughout the body of your text. If you want to advertise an SEO company in Bath (for example) then appropriate keywords might be (unsurprisingly) 'SEO Bath', or SEO in Bath. Once you have chosen these keywords ensure they are used in your content. Also ideally the words 'SEO Bath' should be in the page title, however I want this to make sense so it isn't possible in this example.

Improve Links

Another factor in determining your websites position in a search engine results page is links, most importantly links into your website (Usually called back links). Getting links can often be a time consuming and difficult task. This is another reason to use Supreme Marketing Services for you SEO campaign. One approach is to search for the keywords you would like to be found under, and approach companies that aren't competitors and ask them if they will provide a link to your site. You may have to give them a reciprocal link, this is usually only worth while if their website has a higher PageRank than yours on Google.